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Our Story

Hi, I'm Moyang, the founder of MOYA London. 

Having worked in fashion e-commerce for the last 10 years, I watched this space becoming more and more aware of its environmental and social impact. However, many brands still struggle to find sustainable material or production process that allow them to create outstanding designs. As a results, brands and consumers often had to choose between being sustainable or being cool. 

But we need both.

It is my belief that only when sustainable fashion becomes more fashionable in design, it will be desired more, used more and purchased more. That’s when it will make true improvements on the environment.

So I created MOYA London, a luxury handbag brand with a mission to bring unparalleled designs to sustainable fashion. We chose knitted designs as our niche because it has the widest sustainable materials available with no limit on colour or style. Our mind is free when creating with yarn, and we are in love with the rich texture and the dynamic shapes that a single strand of yarn can form. It reminds me of working with people - when standing together with a unified goal, we are stronger, better and more powerful to transform.

We are a small start-up business today, but we have great plans for the future. This is just the beginning.

Join us on this wonderful journey.

Moyang x


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